From Schmoozing to Shidduch
Jewish Social and Dating Skills Program

G-d's divine directive to "love your neighbor as yourself" creates a holy responsibility to connect with others in a way that creates kehila, friendships and marriage.  For too many people in the Jewish community, socializing is a struggle.  Whether because of social awkwardness, social anxiety or a lack of social skills, too many people in our community aren't developing the friendships that make life enjoyable and aren't connecting on shidduchs that make marriage possible.  Our social and dating coaching program, From Schmoozing to Shidduch, aims to change all that.

Friendship and Dating Coaches Jeremy Hamburgh and Ilana Frank are creating a spinoff of their successful "Social Life 360 Program" specially for the religious Jewish community.  Program participants will become part of their own dedicated community, learn the aleph to tav of social skills, and receive coaching that helps them create friendships and connect on shidduch dates so that they can experience the feeling of true connection.         

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